Mission One


In order to show you have learned from the training, you must also complete all 4 missions. These may sound like massive tasks but if you are taking an active role in your section then you might have completed them already!

Below it explains what you have to do to complete this mission as well as how to get it signed off.

What you have to do

Plan and run a minimum of three games with the section you are volunteering with. At least one game should take place indoors and one outdoors.

The games should be varied, incorporating:

1. at least two different types of leadership style (Module B and Module C)

2. three different types of games; for example some games may be more energetic and active, while others may be more creative or reflective (Module E)

To complete this mission, you could:

+ run a game at the beginning or end of a section night
+ run a wide game on a camp
+ run a game that ties into a badge the section is working towards
+ run a game that reinforces something the section has learned
+ any other ideas, subject to agreement with ESLYL and SL

These could be done in a virtual section meeting too!


To show you have completed these tasks, we ask you to write a little bit about your experience on the Mission 1 page of your logbook then photograph it. If you don’t have a logbook, then for each of the three games you ran, please make notes on:

o date
o location
o leadership styles used
o game type
o instructions of the game
o equipment needed
o badges/awards worked towards
o self evaluation of how it went

Once you have done this for all three activities, you should follow the advice below.


Make sure you are confident with having completed this mission. If there are any parts you are unsure of, you can contact your District Explorer Scout Leader.

You should now complete a witness form and fill it in. Then upload or email your activity evidence to your District’s YL leader.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls