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Fundraising is being pushed more towards the groups; but the exec will continue to assist and support. E.g. Sponsored Walk and Raffle

Groups/Units/Individuals can apply to the district for this monetary support if required.

Info and Process

There is an application form that needs to be submitted for any financial support from Dudley District. Applications will be considered on a case by case basis and there are several pre-requisites that need to be fulfilled before any consideration is given and provide any supporting documentation to accompany any application. Applications are not compared to one another, but we try to ensure a fair process of consideration.

Dudley District were fortunate enough to be left a bequest with no restrictions on use to Dudley District and its members.

As there were no plans for spending, the district started a financial assistance programme in honour of the gentlemen who left the bequest – Edward Yates. Applications are managed by the District Finance committee under the oversight of the trustees.

The District Trustees reserve the right to change the pre-requisites and requirements at any time should circumstances dictate and these requirements will be reviewed annually.

Any Group or Individual in Scouting in Dudley only can apply; the fund should directly benefit members of Dudley District and/or its respective groups only.

Upon receiving an application; the District Chairperson will confirm receipt.

A full list of recommendations and formal response will be provided by the District Trustees with any decision made; regarding the application submitted.

Applicants may be required to attend a meeting to discuss their application.

Points to Note

Where possible; there should be part funding to prove commitment on the applicant’s side. Sustainability will also be considered.

We’ve had many successful applications over the years ranging from various building improvements at groups, camping equipment and general improvements to the district HQ and equipment to benefit 14-25.

The money is not ring fenced or a set amount and sits outside of the General District Accounts. It is invested in line with our Reserves totals.

If for building and Equipment – Proof of ownership/Availability for use to the district are points considered. The Financial position of applicants will also be considered.

Cannot be used for projects with an ongoing cost/Maintenance fee to the district; Activities and events and projects to support scouting and promote scouting; Unrealistic Proposals will not be considered and wouldn’t typically be used to support programme i.e. Section Camps.

Is not for general maintenance and is not for paying Annual Bills/Capitation/Insurance – Must prove all debts cleared and bills paid – i.e. Capitation, Gas, Electric, Water, Insurance, Badge Bills.

Groups/ Individuals must be following all charity commission regulations and Scout Association Rules as set out in POR.

Whilst there is no limit on the amount that can be requested; or the amount of times an application can be made; it is at the discretion of the committee to refuse if they feel the fund is being depleted too quickly or abuse of the system. The fund is administered regularly for sustainability. The district finance committee and trustees can withdrawal its availability at any point – should the need arise.

The District Team meet regularly and it can be a couple of months before a decision is reached. If there is a time element and it needs to be expedited – please let us know and we can meet sooner on an Adhoc basis.

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