Few Updates!

Date: 11th Jun 2024 Author: districtteam

Joining Enquires

Many of you get in touch and are chasing round – please advise parents to use the following methods to get in touch and they will get routed – this ensures consistent communications channels and no duplication of work. We will ensure they are provided a group with places.

Email: Joining@dudleydistrict.org.uk

Web: www.dudleydistrict.org.uk

Telephone: 0300 365 3001

Contact Details and section times for all groups direct are on the district website.

Please let us know if you need any leaflets for your events!


County Agm – Thursday 26th September – Wolverhampton Civic Rooms


District AGM + Adult Thank you

Details sent out to all members.


Risk Assessments –

Please add allergies and review any controls you have around them.

I.e. if you have someone with a specific allergy, and ensuring there are preventative measures etc and knowing all adults know what to do.


Transformation Updates

  1. Group AGMs/Trustees/Constitution – All info come down to you from hq – please get them booked in to ensure you are compliant. There is a script, and a list of things needed on the HQ Website.
  2. Minimum Training for All Adults – We have been told that the minimum training for all adults will incorporate Module 3, Module 17 and Module 12A and 12B. This is off the back of the Orme report – More details will follow
  3. Please ensure as many people get First response updated asap in preparation – Dates on County Website
  4. 1st April was the date for the new membership system – this hasn’t happened and had no updates – so please continue as normal until advised otherwise by HQ or myself/County.
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