Waiting Lists

Waiting Lists

Waiting Lists

We will always do our best to get your young person into a group in Dudley as soon as possible!


So that we can ensure we offer an excellent quality Scouting experience to all our members, we route your enquiry to the closest group. Some groups are currently operating a waiting list for any sections that are full and this is the case across the district. Anyone wanting to join a full group or section must ensure they are on the waiting list.

To ensure the waiting list is fair for all, we publish our recommendations below.

General notes:

  • For a young person to be added to the joining/waiting list, the personal details must be supplied and correct. There is no other way of joining the waiting list.
  • When a place is available you will be contacted by email. If you do not respond within a reasonable timeframe, the place will be offered to the next person on the list. You may be removed from the waiting list for not replying.
  • If a young person waiting for a particular Section does not obtain a place in time to join that Section, then they will remain on the list and retain their place for the next Section up.
  • Our District relies on the efforts of our adult volunteers (Leaders, Assistants, Occasional Helpers, Executive Committee etc), without whom it would simply not continue. We always need more adult volunteers.
  • Group Managers will manage their own waiting list so can advise if you are on there or not – please email or call if needed.

Therefore, we give a high priority to those on the waiting list who have an adult member who is willing and able to take on a role within the District/Group/Section.

  • Scouting is open to all young people (irrespective of gender, faith, ability, sexuality or any other factors). If a young person needs additional support in order to participate in scouting, this should be discussed with the leaders, who will work with parents to establish a plan of action.
  • A place is and would be guaranteed for all those moving up sections within Groups (e.g. Squirrels to Beavers, Beavers to Cubs, Cubs to Scouts).
  • A young person already in Scouting moving into or within the Dudley area will be found a place in our groups where possible, however will be expected to wait until a place becomes available for them.
  • Priorities when allocating places – The following is a list of criteria that we use when allocating places to young people. Please note that allocation of all places is at the discretion of Section Leaders and the Group Scout Leader.
    • An Adult on behalf of someone wanting to join commits to volunteering in one of the following roles: Leader, Assistant Leader, Section Assistant or Executive Committee Member.
    • The young person has a sibling who is already a member of a group within Dudley Scouts.
    • After the above have been taken into account, the amount of time spent on the waiting list will be considered as the next factor.
    • Enquiries will be within a certain distance

Data We Hold

  • In order to allocate a place on our waiting list, we need to hold a certain amount of personal information about parents and potential youth members. This is limited to name of potential member, address, data of birth, name and email address of parents or carers.
  • We will keep this information until you join the group. Periodic checks will be carried out on waiting list members to ensure you still wish to remain on the waiting list.
  • Upon joining the group, further information will be requested from you by the relevant Section Leader.
  • This data is only accessible to members of Dudley Scouts, and will not be shared with any other organisation outside of Scouts.
  • Our full Data Privacy Notice can be viewed on the website.
  • Data is held only within our membership system – Online Scout Manager. You can view the security policy of OSM on their website.


Section Management Joining/Waiting Lists (Squirrels/Beavers/Cubs/Scouts)

1) Word of Mouth/Siblings/Direct contacts – routed straight to group immediately

2) If someone contacts the group directly add them to OSM yourselves

3) If someone contacts the District, we will route them to the group

4) Once in a Sections OSM – parents are then invited to view their record and add and update

  1. a) GSL/Section leader to utilise OSM to invite parent to complete all details
  2. b) Date of First Meeting and attendance to be confirmed with Parent/Guarding by the GSL/Section Leader





Who’s it Managed by?

The District Leadership Team on joining@dudleydistrict.org.uk

Sam Beach and Fran Sedgley for the moment.


Why is it being done?

It’s also being done inconsistently – we have adults who have said they are willing to volunteer and young people who have no preference on group etc.

We know everyone is crying out for volunteers and we can help on that from, and we want to make sure kids are scouting and not stuck on waiting lists.


Not pressuring you to take more beavers etc!

This should also remove the back and forth – it may not happen with you guys at present but does with other groups who are not informing us they are full.


What if im approached for a space?

If they come directly to you and you don’t have space – then you can just direct them to the district website/district phone.

If they come directly to you and you have space proceed as normal.

What about Children already in a section?

If they are already in beavers moving to cubs then proceed as you normally do between the section leaders.




Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls