New Joiner Introduction

New Joiner Introduction

Thank you for getting in touch, please accept our apologies for any delay in getting back to you; good to hear you have someone interested in joining.

You will be routed to your closest group with available spaces in conjunction with any availability preferences you have specified.

The group management normally deal with all the first contact scenarios and introduce you to the section leaders.

Your Details:

There is an expectation that the ‘Young Person Information Form’ will be completed and returned to us prior to your first attendance.

This can be found here and is editable: Young Person Joining Form

This will then be inserted into our ‘Online Scout Manager’ and you will be emailed a unique link so you can view all the information regarding our events. This will also be where you can pay for Subscriptions and activities etc and manage all the data we hold about you in case things change.



Please use the group finder for details of the closest group.


Contacts, Dates and Times:

if you take the Leaders phone/email details on your first night this will be the best way of dealing with them and any correspondence going forward as you will receive a quicker response than coming via the public methods, and they will be dealing with you directly with the information first hand.



It costs between £8-£15 a month depending upon group – this covers all meetings at the HQ. Any Events or activities away from the HQ may incur their own costs but you will be notified about this.

We also request that when in ‘OSM’ you complete the details for Gift Aid so you can help keep our costs down as we are a charity and try to run things as cost effectively as we can. There are support mechanisms in place if required so enquire with your section leaders if needed.


Helping Out:

We are always looking for more support, we operate all as volunteers and at times there may be tasks that we cannot complete without help from Parents – We have strict ratios for supervision of children and sometimes parental help is the only way we can run certain activities and events. If you think you can’t help or aren’t a ‘scouty’ person – my challenge to you is to try 4 weeks!


Uniform and Investing:

There is no need to buy a uniform or anything for the first month or so – we understand it’s not for everyone so there is no need for any unnecessary expense. However, when ready they can be found here:

Neckers and Badges will be given out directly by the groups.

We aim to Invest young people within 3 months of joining, depending on circumstances and their progression in the section.



We cater for Boys and Girls and operate equal opportunities with full diversity and inclusion policies. All our Adult Leaders over 18 are DBS Checked and complete mandatory training for Safety, Safeguarding and GDPR. If there are any concerns please raise them with your Section leader initially, however you can also contact myself where needed if more appropriate.


First Meeting:

If you and your young person would be interested in coming down for a taster session, we would be more than happy to arrange this for you; just let us know and we can provide a date and time and let you know who to speak to.

Obviously, if you have any issues whatsoever and we’ll happily help.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls