Award criteria

At Scouts we want to thank all our volunteers for their contribution to the Scouts – it’s an important way to make sure people stay with us and to recognise their achievements and Good Service awards are one way of doing this.

All Good Service award nominees must:

  • Hold a volunteer appointment as a member of the Scouts.
  • Have enough service for the award they’re being nominated for.
  • Have a valid disclosure (if relevant for their active roles).
  • Have not received a Good Service award in the last five years.
  • Not already have the award they’re being nominated for.
  • Have completed all mandatory training relevant to all active roles (or is within three years of appointment to the active roles). Please note: If the nominee was previously awarded a Wood Badge for the same role as one of their active roles, Compass must be updated to reflect the training of the active role as being up-to-date.
  • Have the correct previous Good Service award (if relevant for the award they’re being nominated for).

Learn more about the specific criteria for each Good Service award on the scouts website.


All nominations should come Via the DC. Following a nomination you will most likely hear nothing else to indicate if the award has been successful or not.

These will then be submitted to the County Awards Panel.

The next Step is the HQ Awards board.

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